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Kutis Soccer

St. Louis Kutis Soccer Club, better known as St. Louis Kutis, is an amateur American soccer club in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1947 as the St. Louis Raiders, the club was known as Paul Schulte during the 1948-49 season, McMahon’s during the 1949-50 season and Zenthoefer’s in the 1950-1951 season.  In 1953, Tom Kutis of Kutis Funeral Home took over sponsorship and renamed the team to St. Louis Kutis. The club gained its greatest prominence in the 1950's when it dominated both St. Louis and national soccer competitions.  They won the National Amateur Cup six consecutive years (1956-1961) and were perennial contenders for the National Challenge Cup, winning the title in 1957.  In 1958, the United States Soccer Federation used St. Louis Kutis, with a few guest players, as the U.S. national team in two World Cup qualifying matches.

St. Louis Kutis soccer has helped develop the US men soccer program over the years - US Soccer has it well documented on their site -


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